The minimum rental period for freight and passenger vans and cars is 24 hours.

UAB RIVEDA requirements for drivers
To rent a car or a van from driver must be at least 21 years of age, have valid driver’s license which is compliant with all the requirements of the European Union and 3 years of driving experience.

Documents and payments
In order to rent any vehicle or other equipment from one must present passport of Republic of Lithuania and valid driver’s license to UAB RIVEDA office representative or to other authorized person. If you wish to rent a car, freight or passenger van of higher value from – you must additionally provide details of a credit card with the name of a client on it and leave a deposit for that vehicle, which will be returned to you at the end of a lease. You can pay for the rent by a bank transfer, payment card and in exceptional cases with cash.

Territory, in which you are allowed to operate vehicles of group
Rented car or van can be operated in all Lithuania or territory of European Union. Commercial companies that have long-term contracts can also use our vehicles in the territory of the Russian Federation.