Keleivinių mikroautobusų nuoma

Rent of passenger minibuses in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Europe –
UAB RIVEDA has many years of experience in providing passenger minibuses and cars rental services. rents only technically flawless, comfortable, new and nearly new passenger minibuses from most reliable European manufacturers, so by traveling with our Renault, Mercedes-Benz and Opel models you will feel only joy. These vehicles stand out by more modern and comfortable car body forms, which allows getting in and out of minibus more easily.

From each of our minibuses any row of seats can be taken out, by leaving more space for luggage.

Our vehicles have various sets, with air conditioners, music players, heated seats, functions of autopilot and six-speed gearboxes, thanks to which you will save your money.

It is always fun to travel with a minibus, because you’re not driving on your own, but in a company of close ones or colleagues – UAB RIVEDA minibuses have space for up to 10 people, including driver (if necessary, in you will be able to choose minibuses with fewer seats and more simple sets). These small and maneuverable, but spacious for passengers and luggage, vehicles will help you to create a joyful business trip or a vocation in the circle of friends.

Regarding other UAB RIVEDA vehicles contact us any time,


+370689010000 ir +37063970000.


Our rental points are in Vilnius center – Kalvarijų St. 2, Gariūnai district – Jočionių St. 53 and in Lazdynai district.


There is a 24-hour distance limit for passenger and freight minibuses rented by, for example – heavyweight 6 t freight minibuses have a daily limit of 400 km, while the limit of freight minibuses up to 3,5 t and passenger minibuses is 500 km per day. Limit of kilometrage may vary depending on the region, in which you’re driving a minibus or a car, at what season you are traveling and what will be the total rental period.

If you are planning to drive a minibus or a car only in Vilnius city, then because of the smaller number of kilometers traveled prices will be lower than presented in the price table.